Bruges Videos

We have had a wonderful couple of days in Bruges. Nana and Pa have done a few activities on their own whilst Julie & I have managed Mia’s sleeping routines. The Belgian chocolate shops have been a particular favourite of Nana and there are literally hundreds to choose from here. Mia has been very good and she even slept through dinner last night (see the video below left).

Today we have the 3 hour drive back to Luxembourg and we are hoping Mia can make it with lots of sleep and only one feed stop. Hotel check out is at 11am so we should be home late afternoon.

Please click the videos on the left for yesterday action.

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1 Response to Bruges Videos

  1. Lucy Jago says:

    Looks like you have all enjoyed your trip to Brugge – what an amazing placing to visit. As for the beer – I have never seen anything like it and would love to know if Papa drank it all???? Mia looks adorable as always and has seen more of the world in her first few months of life than I have in my 40 years!!!! Much love Lucy & Family xxx

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