In Brugge


Nana and Pa were keen to see Brugge, and Gab wasn't keen for a second visit, so Julie, Mia, Nana, Pa & I made the trip into Belgium today. It was a very long day for us all. (From Lux it's a 2 hour drive to Brussels, then another hour onto Brugge). We started early by driving to Brussels as we needed to apply for Mia's Australian passport in person at the Australian consulate (no we don't have one in Lux). They are only open until 12 o'clock so we arrived just after 11am and the application was lodged quickly (thx to Julie who managed all the paperwork). We then walked around Brussels until we found the old part of town and checked out the beautiful Grand Place (photos below & more info HERE.  

We then continued our drive to Brugge and on arrival our hotel was perfect, right in the middle of the old town. We walked around the main part of Brugge (Mia asleep in the sling with Dad again), stopped for a beer and ice cream and had an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. Mia was a bit grumpy tonight however, so Nana and Pa went out to dinner somewhere, whilst Julie and I had takeaway pizza in our room whilst calming tired kiddy.  Below are some photos of todays adventures. Please click them for larger versions (especially the one of Pa with the beer).

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