Welcome to my blog site which provides regular updates of my family.

BTW, sorry but I am not on Facebook !


5 Responses to About

  1. Lucy Jago says:

    We love reading all your blogs, watching all your videos and seeing all your photos…Mia is growing so quickly. Hope Julie is well? Take care.

  2. Wendy Puch says:

    Hi Michael. Hearty congratulations to you and Julie. Mia looks adorable. Sounds like you are loving life in Europe. I will keep an eye on how you are all doing. Love from Harry and me. xxxx

  3. Wendy Puch says:

    Loved the videos. We wish Gabby all the very best in Bendigo. She’s a lovely looking young woman. Watching you with Mia in the snow while I’m sitting under a fan in 32°C, it seems unfair. Though I guess the heating was on in the Merc. Love Wendy & Harry xxx

  4. Wendy Puch says:

    Please wish Gabby a really Happy Birthday from Harry and me for Wednesday. We hope she is settling well in Bendigo. xxxxx

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