Puffing Billy

Mia and Will had their first ever visit to Puffing Billy. We drove to Emerald, had lunch in their wonderful bakery and boarded Puffing Billy for the 15 minute ride to Emerald Lake. The kids had a great play on the play equipment and we spent a couple of hours just hanging out. Then it was the 15 minute ride back to Emerald. A beautiful Melbourne winters day in the sunshine.

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50th Birthday

Thank you to everyone for your kind birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day, with the highlight being a helicopter ride over Melbourne (see video below).

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Phillip Island Holiday

We enjoyed a nice 4 day break down at Terrys holiday house in Phillip Island (Thank you Terry you superstar!). Here’s a short video with some of the highlights. (This was made using the memories feature on my iphone. No video editing required here, cool little feature).

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Tracy Island is go

Santa brought Will his most sought after present. Thunderbirds Tracy Island. He will get many hours of enjoyment from this. Pity it took 2 hours to put together this morning…


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Mia ballet girl

Mia enjoyed her ballet concert yesterday. The huge smile stayed right throughout her 3 minute performance.


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BULA – The Fiji Welcome

Bula is Fijian for Hello and the staff at Outrigger resort have taken their Bula to a whole new level. Their welcome is just fantastic. Thursday we took a ride around the resort in one of the staff golf carts. Check out the Bula fun in this video. This is all completely unprompted.

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Fiji – Highlights video

Here’s a video of the best bits from our first 3 days at Outrigger resort. Press play then click the settings wheel to change it to HD (720 or 1080)

After 4 days of good weather, the sun has now left us and we are in for rain until Sunday. Today will be 22 degrees and rainy all day. There’s a wet weather timetable but a rainy resort doesn’t work well.

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Fiji – Day 1

Up at 6am Saturday morning and off to Melbourne airport. Breakfast at the airport, then a bus out to the plane. We’re off, good start. 5 hours later we land in Nadi. 25 degrees and a little humid. Then onto another bus for the 1 hour drive (on potholed roads) to our Outrigger resort. Mia & Will both nap on the bus as it’s been a long day. 2 hour time difference means it’s dark when we arrive. Some dinner (with Fijian singing) and then time to crash.

Sunday morning started sunny, then turned rainy. But it’s warm so we walked around in the rain and checked out the place. Our Bure is great, it’s in a private part of the resort but still close to everything. Nice breakfast, a walk on the beach (where the kids saw 3 bright blue starfish) then the kids want a swim. We go to the pool and 2 hours later, they come out of the water with purple lips. They’ve had great fun but the wind has made it a little cool. Couldn’t be better at this point…


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Mia’s school award

Friday was the last day of term for Mia at school, and at assembly she received the terrific kid award. This is presented to only one child in each grade level and Mia was chosen from all the grade preps. She seems rather happy about it too 🙂

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1st Saints game

I took Mia & Will to see their first Saints game on Saturday afternoon. They had a fantastic time. They were very good, making it through the whole game. We had a few distractions, such as walking around the stadium to buy them a Saints flag and a walk up to the top deck to see the view from up high. For the record, they saw the Saints have a win over the Dockers. Thanks to my brother Al for providing the tickets.



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