38 Weeks

Julie is now 38 weeks and June 12th is coming up fast. As you can see left, our bub is now very big, and is also very active, with lots of kicking and bouncing around inside.

We are looking forward to the big day and given that I have to travel to France this week for business, we are hoping labour doesn't come early.

Please keep an eye on my blog in the coming weeks as I will post photos as soon as our big day arrives.

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2 Responses to 38 Weeks

  1. Lucy Jago says:

    Love! Love! Love! the photo……we can't wait to hear your news…..

  2. Michael Jago says:

    Thx Lucy. Jules is healthy & well (apart from swollen feet), but pretty much over it now. It would be great if bub arrives on time this weekend, but she hasn't dropped yet, so who knows when she will decide to arrive. Look forward to sharing our news.

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