Luxembourg Marathon

Today was Luxembourg marathon day, and the runners went straight past the end of our street. However, we walked into Glacie (10 minute walk) to see all the action. There were two versions, 42 kms for the real athletes and a 21km version for everyone else. There were over 9,000 participants and most of Luxembourg came out to cheer them on. The photo (above right) is of the oldest runner in the marathon, 99 year old Fauja Singh who was coming a distant last when I took his photo but he was looking strong and shuffling along somewhere between a walk and a jog. I hope the great man finishes. (No, I didn’t enter, maybe next year… yeh right).

PS: I just received a great message from Ghanaya Talewar below:


Hi Michael,

I’m Ghanaya Talewar, the runner on the Fauja’s right side.

Thanks to all the support from the people of Luxembourg, he managed to finish and set a new world record for the oldest person on the planet to complete a half-marathon !


That’s fantastic news Ghanaya. Please tell Fauja we think he’s a star !!! We look forward to seeing him again next year.

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