Bull has a victory (of sorts)…

Wednesday night was a big night in Spain. It was the final of the Champions league soccer between Barcelona and Manchester United. Miguel (Barcelona fan) and I went to a busy bar to watch the game on a big screen. The bar had two big screens, one showing the soccer, and the other showing the bullfighting.

Now the bullfighting is very well followed in Spain, but as you would expect not by all. It was mainly the old blokes watching the bullfighting, all the young blokes watching the soccer. But the bullfighting took precedence for 5 short minutes. After 15 minutes of chasing and dancing, the matador always kills the bull. However, bull no. 6, last bull of the night, got hold of the matador (as seen in the photo), as he was stabbing the bull. The bull got him in the ribs and punctured a lung. Luckily for the matador he has survived. I can't say the same for the bull who was swiftly taken care of by the other matadors…

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