This week in Spain…

MJ & Jesus11pmbuildingToro largeSeafood

On Monday May 25th, I arrived in Barcelona. I met our NAM, Jesus (pronounced Hesoos), and we have had two busy days visiting dealers. Tuesday, Jesus, myself and our other Spanish NAM Miguel, had dinner at a beautiful seafood restaurant. Above is Jesus and myself at the counter, where you choose your seafood, and they cook it for you. It's a very popular spot, as the entry line was out the door when we arrived at 9pm and was still out the door at 11pm when we left.

Barcelona is a beautiful city and the weather is a warm 30 degrees and remains warm all night. Wednesday we all took the fast train (700kms in 3 hours) to Madrid for the second leg of the tour. Wednesday night was the big Champions league soccer final where Barcelona beat Manchester United. Miguel (Barcelona supporter) and I watched the game on the big screen at a local Madrid pub/eatery. The tour finished in Portugal on Friday.    

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