Fiji – Day 1

Up at 6am Saturday morning and off to Melbourne airport. Breakfast at the airport, then a bus out to the plane. We’re off, good start. 5 hours later we land in Nadi. 25 degrees and a little humid. Then onto another bus for the 1 hour drive (on potholed roads) to our Outrigger resort. Mia & Will both nap on the bus as it’s been a long day. 2 hour time difference means it’s dark when we arrive. Some dinner (with Fijian singing) and then time to crash.

Sunday morning started sunny, then turned rainy. But it’s warm so we walked around in the rain and checked out the place. Our Bure is great, it’s in a private part of the resort but still close to everything. Nice breakfast, a walk on the beach (where the kids saw 3 bright blue starfish) then the kids want a swim. We go to the pool and 2 hours later, they come out of the water with purple lips. They’ve had great fun but the wind has made it a little cool. Couldn’t be better at this point…


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Mia’s school award

Friday was the last day of term for Mia at school, and at assembly she received the terrific kid award. This is presented to only one child in each grade level and Mia was chosen from all the grade preps. She seems rather happy about it too 🙂

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1st Saints game

I took Mia & Will to see their first Saints game on Saturday afternoon. They had a fantastic time. They were very good, making it through the whole game. We had a few distractions, such as walking around the stadium to buy them a Saints flag and a walk up to the top deck to see the view from up high. For the record, they saw the Saints have a win over the Dockers. Thanks to my brother Al for providing the tickets.



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Mia does shot put

Mia does shot put at her 1st school sports 🙂

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Mia starts school – Day 1

This gorgeous photo below shows a happy & smiley Mia Jago, who was so excited about starting school today. The morning of day 1 went completely as planned. Mia’s alarm woke her on time, she ate breakfast, got dressed, packed her school bag and headed off to start grade prep. She said Good Morning to her teacher, promptly sat down (below) and was straight into her projects. A very exciting day ahead…


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Xmas 2015 Backyard cricket

Cricket video (Link to view in HD)

Just for the nephews, here’s the edited video of the Christmas 2015 backyard cricket 20/20 matches.

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Mothers Day cafe’ breakfast

We celebrate Mothers Day with breakfast at a local cafe’. Will enjoys his meal.

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Happy 21st Gabstar !

Happy 21st Birthday to my daughter Gabrielle. I hope you enjoyed the birthday party Gab, and here’s to many more fun birthdays to come. Please click the below pic to see a close up version of the Gabi mosiac poster.


Gab with Nana & PaNana-Gab-Pa

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Happy New Year 2015

New Years Day was very busy. Grandparents, Uncles and cousins all arrived to help put together Mia and Will’s new cubby house. It came together nicely over a couple of hours. A huge thank you to Terry for providing this wonderful playspace for the kids.


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Day 10: Goodbye USA

Today is our last day in the US. We check out of the hotel at 11am, have most of the day at one of the parks (haven’t decided which one yet) and take a 5pm bus back to LAX for a 10.30pm flight. Mia and Will are in for a very loooong day…

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