Fiji – Day 1

Up at 6am Saturday morning and off to Melbourne airport. Breakfast at the airport, then a bus out to the plane. We’re off, good start. 5 hours later we land in Nadi. 25 degrees and a little humid. Then onto another bus for the 1 hour drive (on potholed roads) to our Outrigger resort. Mia & Will both nap on the bus as it’s been a long day. 2 hour time difference means it’s dark when we arrive. Some dinner (with Fijian singing) and then time to crash.

Sunday morning started sunny, then turned rainy. But it’s warm so we walked around in the rain and checked out the place. Our Bure is great, it’s in a private part of the resort but still close to everything. Nice breakfast, a walk on the beach (where the kids saw 3 bright blue starfish) then the kids want a swim. We go to the pool and 2 hours later, they come out of the water with purple lips. They’ve had great fun but the wind has made it a little cool. Couldn’t be better at this point…


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