Olympic TV coverage

In Jago news this week, I look at the Olympic TV coverage from the BBC. This video is a must watch which will make all Australians jealous 🙂


Of course the best part about the BBC?  NO ADS !!!!!

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2 Responses to Olympic TV coverage

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way about Eddie Mcguire. He was very informative about the history of England during the opening – obviously a learned man. 🙂

    What little choice we have here on free to air is already littered with the US and BBC’s off-casts so I’m not sure we need any more channels (That said, I am a little jealous).

  2. Hello,
    The question is can you watch the games in peace I ask? Baths, dinner,sleep routinesand playtime surely must be the distractions

    I must say we don’t have it near as good as that, however am loving the hd coverage from fox.
    Bummer about the time difference too for us all the swimming finals are on early hours.

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