Will has his first bath

Will had his first bath this morning. The video below shows just how much he enjoyed it. We had some lunch at the hospital and then he went into the maxi cosy (car seat) for the short journey home. It’s nice to have him and Mum home.

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4 Responses to Will has his first bath

  1. Wendy Puch says:

    Wonderful news. Harry and I send our heartiest congratulations to you, Julie, Mia and Gaby. William looks like another beautiful child. Well done. Love Wendy xxxxx

    • Michael Jago says:

      Hi Wendy, Thank you to you and Kaye for your lovely comments. Julie & I are actually getting some sleep this time. Will is a good little sleeper, giving us 3 hour sleeping blocks between feeds every night. Hurrah 🙂

  2. Felicity says:

    Hey guys. Hope everything is going very well and you’re getting some sleep. Can’t wait to see you and to meet Will! Let me know when’s good to Skype. xxx

  3. Felicity says:

    That bath looks very relaxing !

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