Half way home

Monday night Melbourne time and we are half way home. I am writing this in Singapore’s magnificent Changi airport.  We have completed the 12 hour Frankfurt to Singapore flight and Mia was terrific. She slept in her bassinet although Julie & I didn’t get much sleep as with every turbulence call (4 in the first 4 hours), Mia was dragged out of the bassinet and put on Julies lap. The Singapore airlines staff were fantastic however. They were all over Mia and extremely helpful right throughout the flight. Gab did well, she found 3 spare seats down the back and managed to lie down and get 5 hours sleep. Now one more flight to go…

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1 Response to Half way home

  1. Kaye Prescott says:

    Gorgeous photos of everyone!! You are ALL very photogenic. Thanks for letting me know about your blog, Michael. I will check in from time to time.

    All the best for 2011!


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