Smile Mia !

How is this for cute? 8.30am, Mia has had some activity time, and then fell asleep in Julie's big green boomerang shaped pillow. I grabbed the camera as she looked so cute, and after a few patient minutes, I got this gem of a photo. Click for larger versions. 

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2 Responses to Smile Mia !

  1. Lucy Jago says:

    Oh……..How cute!!! What a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl. This photo belongs in an Anne Geddes calendar. Love the photo. Hope you are all doing well and managing some sleep? Lucy xxx

  2. Michael Jago says:

    Hi Lucy, Thank you for your lovely comments. We really enjoy reading them (so please keep them coming)! We hope you enjoy the photos and videos of Mia and I will ensure it is continually updated. Luv, Michael.

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