Last week in Russia…

Michael-in-red-squareAnother cathedral, this time in St.PetersburgStP5Oresund Bridge linking Sweden and DenmarkChurch in St. Petersburg

Last week Julie's parents (Garry and Jenny Kerr) arrived from Melbourne to help with baby duties (and visit Luxembourg of course), so I flew off to Russia for 4 days to visit customers in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Moscow is an insane city of 14 million people and the worst traffic jams I have ever seen. St.Petersburg, just beautiful. Above is some great photos I took of Russia, however my favourite photo is the one I took of the bridge (second from right). I flew home to Lux via Copenhagen, and as you come in to land at the airport, there is a great view of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Cars are driving along the bridge and then it changes from bridge to tunnel and disappears into the ocean. It's then a 4km underwater drive to the Danish mainland. For more info on this amazing bridge / tunnel project, please click here:

It is well worth reading.  

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