Mia Isabelle Jago


Baby Mia Isabelle Jago was born on June 24th at 4.15 pm Lux time. She weighs 4.5kg’s and is 56cm long. She started life with the cord wrapped around her neck (twice) and was quite purple on arrival. But she soon pinked up and got her lungs shouting. She is a big, healthy girl. Mum Julie was a star. A very long and tough day for her and she did a magnificent job.  As you can see below we started the day at 6am at hospital, and it was around 10 hours from then until the birth.

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  1. Michael, what can I say other than congratulations, I am so happy for you and especially Julie who I know wanted to get into the world of babies 🙂 Lucky you, surrounded by women!!!! Keep well, these are the things that truly matter son, nothing else comes close 🙂

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