This week in Lux – Hooray !!! (Come on Neil)

This week I spent all week in Luxembourg. I was also able to have a relaxing weekend at home as Saturday May 1st was a public holiday so all the shops were closed and today was Sunday which means… all the shops are closed !

So I have enjoyed watching the World Snooker Championships this weekend which has been live on BBC1, and I have been following the 28 year old Australian lad Neil Robertson , (info on him here) 

I'll be following his progress and hope he can be the first Australian to win this prestigeous event. He is the first Australian to make the final since Eddie Charlton in 1975 (who lost that year to Ray Reardon).

Edit Tuesday: WELL DONE NEIL !!!   I sat up last night until 2am to watch the end of the final and I'm glad I did. It was an intense battle and our Aussie did the job. World Champ. Glad I was able to watch it live.

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4 Responses to This week in Lux – Hooray !!! (Come on Neil)

  1. Terry McEvoy says:

    You really miss football….. Don't you!!

  2. I agree, you must be really missing the football.

  3. Michael Jago says:

    Hello Rog. Yes, you're right, he does have the Riewoldt hair cut. I was immediately drawn to him for that reason 🙂

  4. Michael Jago says:

    Come on Tez, you gotta admit Neil is a very good Nick Riewoldt lookalike.

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