Worst flight ever

My trip home from China yesterday was always going to be a long one. Lufthansa had a pilots strike in Europe and I was wait listed on a flight from Hong Kong back to Frankfurt. Unfortunately there were no seats due to the strike and I had to fly Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg. Also couldn't get a direct flight from London back to Lux.

Anyway, made it back to Frankfurt without a hitch, but then the last short leg (only 25 minutes) was a disaster. The weather in Europe yesterday was wild winds up to 120 kms/h. The little Bombadier plane took off in Frankfurt and after 15 minutes of cruising at high altitude, became a rollercoaster on the descent. The last 15 minutes was hell. We were thrown around, up and down, losing our stomachs numerous times, passengers vomiting (fortunately not me), but the worst flight I ever had. The pilot quickly realised he couldn't land in that wind, and we accelerated upwards, eventually landing in Brussels half an hour later. Hours later we were put on a bus and driven back to Lux, but that was after everything that can go wrong did go wrong. Delays with lost luggage, bus delayed by hours. It took me the next 10 hours to get home. I arrived home around 11pm last night. Disappointing end to a fantastic week…

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