Staff Christmas Party



This week I was back in Willich Germany, from Wednesday for our year end sales meeting and finishing with our staff xmas party for 2009. It was held at a cooking school in Dusseldorf and turned out to be a fantastic night, one of the best parties I have attended. The staff were put into teams of 6 people and each team was responsible for one of the 5 courses. All courses were cooked simultaneously so there were 35 people in the huge kitchen all chopping & stirring and of course drinking. This process took well over an hour so by the time we were ready to eat the first course most people were rather "happy". Jesse kindly provided me the above pictures (unfortunately from his crappy iphone camera, sorry mate), but you can see how much fun everyone was having. It was a great night, and an excellent way to get everyone involved. For the record, my job was to stir the mousse for dessert, (even I couldn't get that too wrong).

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