Waterskiing – without a boat !!!

On Sunday June 14th, I was invited by Thomas Huebner to go Waterskiing… without a boat. There is a man made lake in Duisberg (about half an hour drive from Willich) that has a pulley system that can pull up to 10 people around the lake at the same time. Fantastic.


It was my first time waterskiing, but it's all the same skills as snow skiing, so I had no problems. I was up straight away and had no major crashes (so I didn't embarrass myself… Great fun, even though the sun disappeared and we ended up waterskiing in the rain.  

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1 Response to Waterskiing – without a boat !!!

  1. Terry McEvoy says:

    I note you say "you didn't embarrass yourself………"

    I say, "What about the wetsuit!!!!???"

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